What are the standard laptop sizes?

Everyone has different choices and personal preferences. You should choose that technology which you like the most. Like in case of laptops, there are different sizes available.

Different sizes are ideal for different people, professions and it also depends on the purpose of use like a big size of laptops for business and offices and normal sized for students etc.

Here I will share with you different sizes of laptops. These sizes are from minimum 11 inch and maximum 18 inches.

Different sizes of laptops

Let me tell you an about the different sizes of laptops available in the market and some of their features too. So here we go;

11 to 12-inch laptops

The laptops between these sizes are the thinnest and the lightest ones. They are usually in the weight of 2.5-3.5 pounds.

13 to 14-inch laptops

Laptops sizes between these ranges are the best portable and usable. Not only these are portable, but others are too. I am just giving you brief information here. I will tell you further things that should be considered along with the size. It is not only the size which matters. These laptops usually weight 4 pounds.

15-inch laptops

These are the most medium-sized laptops. Weighing between 4.5 to 6 pounds, these machines are best for most of the professions and work. It is a good large screen. You can choose it for them you do not have to take them with you many times.

17 to 18-inch laptops

These are the big laptops. You can have the full level productivity by it. You can have experience of a big screen and seeing minor details.  You can make a theater atmosphere with these laptops by watching movies on a big screen.

Other things to consider along with laptop sizes

As I have said earlier that it is not only the size which matters but other things too. These other features are as important as the size. In fact they both are inseparable. Let me inform you about those important features.


The basic and the most important thing is a good processor. Without it, a laptop is nothing. Intel offers many processors and keeps it updating. There are many new version processors are available with the new features. There are latest 6th, 7th and 8th generation processors. 8th is the newest one. It offers many new and fast features. You can select any one of them easily.


RAM stands for random access memory. The more the RAM is, the more will be best. High RAM offers you good storage space for all your important files or even the heavy games. Good RAM will not let the speed of laptop to get affected because of heavy data stored in it.

Operating system

Do not go for the old and slow windows. There are many new and latest windows operating systems available. Windows 10 is the latest ones until now. Windows 7 is also the best. I will suggest you, not to go with any other any other operating system except these. As new windows have the original and the updated features. These windows features are user-friendly too.

Even you can so multi-tasking with fast speed on windows 7 and 10. Other ones will not provide you with such marvelous facilities.

Battery life

Any size of laptop you like for yourself, battery life is important for all of them. Without good battery timings, you can’t enjoy using the laptop fully. Also, it’s a big barrier to your work. So always take a laptop with maximum battery life timings. So that you just have to charge it at once and work all day long.

Anti-glare display

Select the laptop with an anti-glare display. As most of the issues with such devices are for eyes. You must take great care of them. Even you can check out the screen display before you buy. Or you can return it immediately if found anything wrong when taken online. An anti-glare and a smooth display is a perfect choice for buying a good laptop.

But at the same time, its graphics should be good. So that you can enjoy seeing movies, videos, doing video calls with a clear and non-distorted pixel screen.

High quality

Whichever size you take, make sure that you are taking a good company laptop. It must be of high quality. Bad quality laptops end up only after a few months. But a good quality laptop will go with you for many years until you use it in an extremely bad way. A good quality laptop is made of strong material. Also, the company matters. A good and well-known company will try to provide the best laptop to its customers.


Do check the warranty on that laptop which you are going t buy. As it is an important thing. Keep the warranty card safe with you.

Final words

In the end, I would just say that I read this guide carefully. So that you can have a better idea about what other things you have to consider for laptops along with their sizes. All sizes are good, and it greatly depends upon you that for which purpose you have to take the laptop.

Select any of your desired sizes by reading this guide. Go with your required one. Enjoy using the laptop after making the right choice. Good luck.


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