About Us

Thecoreitech is an innovative interactive initiative, created in 2012 on the Facebook page, to explore how technology can transform existence in the future with a broad global audience.

Our original editorial opinion was that technology had advanced from the extreme fringes of society to the very core when social media produced a new wave of digital users.

Today, we’re living in a sparkling environment of screens that have contributed to transformations in advertising, travel, and technology.

Thecoreitech is one of the most successful e-business and technology news publishers in the United States. Our network of market and technology news publications targets a broad group of consumers and policymakers who need certain industry news and credible information.

Target group Audience

Thecoreitech ‘s regular followers represent the Web industry’s “Who’s Who.” Many of them are IT experts, business and organizational decision-makers, e-commerce companies, internet marketing, and site developers, marketplace researchers, advertisers, advisors, and others who like to keep up-to-date on e-business and development trends.

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