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My initial reaction was to freak the math out, but photos on the internet could have been planting.

Thereby the dishonest media right I’ve been told that our RGB RAM.

If, not impossible is impractical due to the signal integrity issues.

That already exists with even single LED color high-speed computer memory.

Ground Breaking Entrance:

I immediately sent them an email asking to be the first to showcase.

Groundbreaking entrance into the RGB product arena.

And it’s here the trident z RGB RAM from g.skill.

The essentials kit from cable mod gives you everything needed to give your rig a professionally sleeved look.

So here it is on my usual x99 deluxe 2 test bench by default out of the box. It comes with this kind of rainbow wave effect that IMO looks dope AF.

But it’s not synchronizing with any of the other lightings in your system or even synced between the memory sticks installed in the order so considering.

There are five individually addressable RGB zones along each of the modules.

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It would be a crying shame if we limited ourselves to just that, wouldn’t it?

So let’s kick things up a notch trigons the RGB modules can be controlling.

A couple of ways you can use a suit or ax to synchronize their RGB lighting with the rest of your system. Or you can use G skills’ software.

AMD chipset and motherboard:

I’ve obtained an early copy of the condition that I don’t show. The interface since it’s not yet final and on the subject of non-final software x99 z170 AMD risin chipset.

And motherboard manufacturers other than a suit will be supported, but they don’t work yet hence the swap out to the Maximus 9 code.

Alright, so now that we’re rocking a compatible motherboard.

We get to play around with all the different options in g.skill software.

So let’s try some of these modes then shall we damn.

There are a lot of cool settings in here so you can configure different solid colors. You can set up any one of us ton of varying hand animations.

There’s the ability to synchronize your effects between modules.

And even the option to configure the colors of every one of the five color zones on each module individually.

RGB Bug:

I got to be honest with you guys I think I’m starting to catch the RGB bug. Here I mean this is great why not do the video card.

Next, I say who needs a Titan XT when you can have a GTX 1050 TI Strix with RGB support.

Yes, my friends, so now that the video card is color cycling and sync with the rest of my system.

I’m thinking to myself the sky’s the limit next stage.

Let’s rip all of these power supply cables out of here let’s clean up.

The old test bench gets her looking 50 beautiful and maybe.

Let’s throw a couple of cable mods RGB strips.

Which incidentally happens also to be already and compatible with the RGB headers.

You’ll find it at the top and bottom of the board.

So we can get those synchronized with the rest of the board lighting for some lousy under low effect leaving.

The only standout awful thing about this build the nock to a fan.

The performance is excellent. But I think the final finishing touch here has to be a couple of Corsairs HD fans.

There are new RGB fans with a little separate controller module.

That lets you pick colors and lighting effects and finally.

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