Truth Social App: The Twitter, Trump, and Musk Controversy

Donald Trump, the former US president, has launched Truth Social, a new social media platform that aims to provide an alternative to Twitter and Facebook. Created by Trump Media & Technology Group, Truth Social competes with platforms like Parler, Gab, and Mastodon.

Since its launch in February 2022, Truth Social faced financial and regulatory challenges, leading to its exclusion from Google Play. But, it rebounded and gained approval in October 2022 by addressing policy violations. 

Despite the hurdles, Truth Social has made progress, ranking 101 in Apple’s App Store for social media apps as of March 2023, surpassing Gab but still trailing behind Gab at number 154 and Parlour at number 1,052.

The platform’s launch was sparked by Twitter’s permanent bans on notable political figures, including Donald Trump. Elon Musk, the current owner of Twitter, criticized the name of Truth Social, citing Twitter’s censorship of free speech as the reason for its existence.

Interestingly, Truth Social has surpassed Twitter’s ranking on the Apple Store, attracting attention and raising eyebrows. Despite Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter, Donald Trump remains committed to using Truth Social and declined an invitation to rejoin Twitter.

Even though now Musk, an advocate of free speech, now owns Twitter, the former US president said he would still not rejoin Twitter, even after being invited back. Instead, he insisted on using his own Truth Social network, which after severe setback, has now finally seen raging popularity.

Now the blockbuster deal is on hold by Musk because he wants the details of fake accounts and bots.

Why Truth Social Media App Exists

Truth Social Media App exists because Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter in 2021, leading him to establish his own tech company, Trump Media and Technology Group. The app was launched in February 2022 but initially struggled to attract users due to its interface.

But, recent upgrades have sparked increased sign-ups, creating a long waitlist.

The idea behind this app is to provide a platform for free speech, enabling users to express their political and social beliefs without censorship.

Trump has emphasized that Truth Social gives voice to all and is a response to the dominance of big tech companies.

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Truth Social App Review: What the app is like?

Truth Social, currently available only in the US and Canada, is gaining momentum by surpassing Twitter in rankings within these regions.

But, Europe has cautioned Elon Musk about the potential consequences of inadequate moderation, including the possibility of a ban or 6% annual revenue fine.

Initial reviews highlight the following key points about the app:

  • The platform is currently ad-free and lacks sponsored content.
  • Engagement on the platform is low, except for well-known figures and influencers.
  • The app closely resembles Twitter in terms of its interface.
  • Most posts on the app are political, mainly from Trump supporters.
  • There are no strict community guidelines, resulting in a wide range of content being posted.
  • Some glitches have been reported, such as issues with the search function.
  • Truth Social has restrictions on explicit language and adult content, which some find ironic considering its support for free speech.

The app’s popularity is attributed to Elon Musk acquiring Twitter and the perceived decline of conservative voices on the platform. It has gained around 1.4 million downloads, but requires improvements to the user interface and clearer guidelines. The user base is currently predominantly pro-Trump. 

The future of free speech and potential changes to Twitter’s guidelines under Musk’s ownership are uncertain. As we witness the fight for free speech and await the impact of Elon Musk’s influence on Twitter’s guidelines, stay connected with us for the latest updates and developments in this evolving story.

How can you download Truth Social App?

To download Truth Social — primarily available in the United States — open the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Search for “Truth Social App” and select the official app from the results. Tap the download button to install it. Once installed, sign up or log in to start using Truth Social.

Some Interesting Statistics, If Numbers Interest You

Elon Musk’s tweets analysis of the whole decade. Source

Year Number of Tweets Busiest Months of the Year
2011 42 December (42)
2012 270 May (36)
2013 422 May (118)
2014 189 April (36)
2015 617 October (132)
2016 736 July (126)
2017 1,162 December (197)
2018 2,288 May (384)
2019 2,933 April (373)
2020 3,367 July (446)
2021 3,113 July (402)

Twitter’s Daily Active Users’ Chart

Old, but an interesting survey:

Twitter’s Daily Active Users’ Chart

Source: Recode

Truth Social App Number of Downloads by Now

Here’s a graphical representation of the former president’s app, Truth Social, total number of downloads between week 8 to 16, since its launch – in the US only.

Truth Social App Number of Downloads by Now

Source: Statistica

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