Windows 10 Tips To Improve Performance

I have an affection abhor association with Windows 10.

So many privacy concerns and aggressive tactics to upgrade have almost pushed me to the point of uninstalling the operating system and replacing it.

One of the numerous Linux distros setting aside.

The BS is originating from Microsoft throughout the last couple of years Windows 10 is as yet an extraordinary working framework.

That is brimming with a wide range of helpful highlights.

So today, I’ll write 10 tips tricks on Windows 10.

Coming up next on tech dumbo, the tips here at the beginning will be some of the easier ones with more advanced tips for power users near the end of this Article.

Some of these were recently rolled out, with the recent spring edition of the Windows 10 creators update.

1: Dark Theme

Dark theme if you want to give your PC a more stylish look, including a dark theme.

You have several options.

So first, let’s head over to start select settings.

Then personalization in the left pane chooses colors here. You have several options; you can allow Windows to pick an accent color from your background automatically.

Or you can select one of your own.

You can turn on or off the transparency effects and finally for the dark theme.

The default is light. So, switch it to a dark theme.

I like the dark theme, better than flash. I also find it’s more comfortable on the eyes.

2: Gaming Mode

If you’re a PC Gamer running a lower spec System game mode.

May help you out. It allows more of your system resources to-be-allocated to your game.

Which prevents background processes from disrupting your experience. You could use the game bar while in-game to turn on this feature.

But there is a more natural way, go back to settings as we did in the previous tip.

So Start menu settings, select gaming in the left pane choose the game mode, and then select it to turn it on. And this also works with non-Windows Store games too.

3: Storage Sense

Storage sense over time your PC can fill up with useless junk without you knowing it.

But the latest creators update they added storage sense.

Which will clear out unneeded temporary files, and files in your recycle bin more than 30 days old.

While in settings select system in the left pane choose storage, then select it to enable. The feature decides to change how we free up space. I’d leave these options turned on.

Hopefully, they add more options to storage sense in the future.

4: Night Light

Nightlight is one of my favorite new features.

Nightlight is a lot like flux, which is a program that removes blue light.

Which they claim can help you sleep better to activate nightlight in settings > Select system then under colors, selected to turn it on or off.

If you’re running a multiple monitors setup.

It will turn that light on or off on all monitors if you select nightlight settings. There are several options to customize the experience.

You can adjust the color temperature.

You can set nightlight to only operate during sunset to sunrise hours, or you can configure your hours.

5: Shop With EDGE

Now everybody holds on to your seats.

I’m about to say something positive about Microsoft’s edge.

They have another component that is useful when you shop online to discover a superior arrangement.

So far, it appears to work at retailers, for example, Best Buy Amazon, and Target.

What’s more, numerous others, what you do is you select a thing. When you arrive on the item page, a warning ought to show up.

So pick it, and it shows you the prices that other retailers and for this particular item. It looks like a few retailers have a lower rate.

This feature reminds me of the invisible hand extension for Chrome.

6: Print To PDF

Now you can finally save a document as a PDF without using third-party software.

With Microsoft’s print to PDF.

No matter what you print, this works with everything.

I’ve tried I’ll do a quick demonstration here for you, so I’m in Chrome, I’ll select print and select change and choose Microsoft print PDF.

Then select print, and you’ll be able to pick.

Where you want to save the file.

7: virtual desktops

This feature that’s has been available on Macs.

For quite a while, virtual desktops allow you to have various virtualized versions of your PC’s desktops.

If you create a new virtual desktop select task view, then select the plus sign to add a new desktop.

You go back to your previous desktop select ask you again, and I’ll choose desktop one.

There’s now a new way to move open programs to other desktop environments. So select task view then, I’ll pick this open-program, and I’ll drag it down to desktop two.

You can also drag it to you plus a new desktop to create a new desktop environment.

8: Emoji’s

If you’re on a smart-phone using emojis is simple enough one question.

I get that I didn’t realize it was not obvious is how do you use emojis on Windows 10 on websites. That doesn’t have an option to use emojis well on Windows 10.

You have to enable the keyboard so right-click on the taskbar and make sure to show the touch board keyboard; a button is activated.

You should now see a keyboard, then when you needed mode, you select the keyboard then-select the emoji icon, and then you’ll have a variety of emoji to choose from.

9: Manage Notifications

Notifications, sometimes the Notifications from your programs, might get a little irritating thankfully.

There’s a way to shut them up to head back to settings select system in the left pane notifications and actions.

You have the option to turn off notifications from apps entirely and other senders.

If you scroll down, you have the opportunity to turn off notifications individually. Skype ins have been bothersome lately, so I’m going to silent Skype.

10: GOD Mode

God mode if you want the ultimate settings control panel.

You’ll like god mode initially introduced in Windows Vista.

God mode is anything but difficult to set up, make another envelope, and then name that folder with the text GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} you can change the version of the words god mode to anything you want.

So I’ll rename mine monkey mode then when you had done hit enter now.

You can see this new icon on your screen double click it, and soon, you’ll have a ton of settings. You can play with now for the first of two bonus tips.

If you use the command prompt window as much as I. You’ll appreciate these small changes let’s open up the quick command window,

so the Cortana bar type in CMD right snap keep running as an executive. You would currently be ready to utilize the reorder accessible routes with charge incite.

You know those are Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste.

I know it’s about time next right-click on the title bar select properties select the color tab, and you probably know about all.

These different color options, and now you have the options to change the opacity of the command prompt window.

Closing words:

I guess using the slider which gives it a fresh look that concludes this article.

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