Why Instagram App Keeps Crashing on iPhone? How Can I Fix it?

There are many complaints from iPhone users that face many issues with their Instagram app. Thousands of users have claimed that their Instagram app keeps on crashing on iPhones. Here we will discuss why this issue occurs and how to resolve and fix it.

As this started on Tuesday morning, iPhone users started claiming that the Instagram app on their iPhones was repeatedly crashing. That is why they cannot use Instagram, as it throws them to the home screen again when they open it.

They claim that when they open the app, there is the launching screen, and then the home screen is displayed back. Some users also reported that their Instagram app crashed while using it. The Android users do not raise this issue, and their Instagram is functioning properly.

Why is the Instagram app Crashing Repeatedly on iPhone?

The latest issue of the Instagram app that is repeatedly crashing on iPhones is mainly due to the app bug that is present only in phones. This issue was faced on October 4, 2022.  The iPhone users were very anxious and said they had tried all the general solutions to the problem, but the issue was still there. They checked their internet connection, uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram, restarting their device, but nothing helped. The issue was still there.

Even the sites like Downdetector, there were a lot of reports of cashing the Instagram app on iPhone.

Fixing the issue of the Instagram App Crashing on the iPhone

Fixing the issue of the Instagram App Crashing on the iPhone

The issue of crashing the Instagram app on iPhone is mainly due to an in-app bug on iOS. Meta understood this problem, and the team is working to fix this issue alright.

There are the following possible solutions that you can carry out on your iPhone to fix this issue;

Fix-1: Update the Instagram App

The first and easiest way to get rid of this issue is to update your Instagram app so that you can use the latest updated version of Instagram on your device. Update the Instagram app to the latest version, 255.1, it fixes the in-aap bug on your iPhone.

Follow the following steps to update the Instagram app on your iPhone;

  • Open the app store on your iPhone.
  • Search Instagram in your search bar.
  • There is an update option next to your Instagram app. Tap on update.
  • Once the app is updated, launch your Instagram again and check whether your issue is fixed.

Fix-2: Use the Instagram app on Safari

If the issue is not resolved by updating the Instagram app, or you were already using an updated version of Instagram and you are still facing the problem of repeatedly crashing the Instagram app. Then, you can follow this step. For this, follow the following steps;

  • Launch the Safari browser.
  • Now visit your Instagram.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • You can use Instagram via the Safari website until the issue is not solved at the company’s end.
  • You can also use all other browsers to run your Instagram account on them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get rid of Instagram Crash? (Android)

If the Instagram app is crashing on your android,, then follow the steps below;

  1. Clear the app cache.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Check your Internet connection.
  4. Update the Instagram app.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  6. Force stop and restart the app.
  7. Check if the Instagram servers are down.

Why my Instagram app is crashing even after reinstalling?

If your Instagram app crashes after reinstalling, it is due to the outdated installation of the Instagram app that is incompatible with your device’s OS.  For this, updating the app may help you.

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So, these 2 fixes mentioned above are the only solution to the problem of crashing down the Instagram app on iOS repeatedly. Do follow them. If the issue is not resolved for days, then contact the Instagram Help centre and tell them about your issue. They will fix your issue. I hope you’ll find this article helpful. If you have any queries relating to this, you can contact us and comment in the section below.


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