5 Best Reminder Apps to Rely (Android & iPhone)

Well, well, I almost forgot to publish this write-up today — but then, a Best Reminder Apps reminded me!

(yeah, I’m sorry that wasn’t funny)

Hey there, folks. Today, we’re going to have a look at the ritzy world’s 5 best reminder apps for iPhone and Android users. You can rely on them, so you can stay on the right track.

Some may wonder why they need to download a third-party app when a reminder comes with the phone they’re using. Well, that’s because these apps come with a lot of other sassy features, too: such as keeping your notes, making your to-do lists, & allowing sharing them with your colleagues, and even learning your routines.

What’s more best: these are not boring like a good-old reminder you’ve on your phone right now! You can make them look as you like.

And these are 100% FREE. (Some may include premium plans as well)

So without delaying anymore, let’s explore these great gizmos.

5 Bonzer Reminder Apps to Get Now FREE (For Android & iPhone)

Here are reminder apps to boost your productivity, keep yourself on the right track, and never forget anything important!

1.     Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

FREE Download: Android, iPhone

Currently, with over 10 million downloads on Android and around 100k reviews on the Apple store, To-Do is one of the best reminder apps. You can make your to-do lists easily; say for shopping, meeting, jogging, or brewing a fresh cup of coffee.

What’s unique is that its intelligent technology gives you suggestions about future tasks by learning your daily routine. That means you can get notifications on what you might need to do in the near future.

You can sync all the notes, lists, or reminders with Microsoft 365, to access and share your tasks, lists anywhere in the world with your family, friends, or co-workers.

You can also set colorful themes, style, and emojis to make your reminder app jaunty or whatever you want it to be like.

Overall, with To-Do, you stay organized and focused on what’s more important to you.

2.     Google Keep

FREE Download: Android, iPhone

Love Google suits? Well, no doubt, Google never disappoints. And Keep is also no exception. Make notes, lists anytime you want.

What’s cool is that you can set location-based reminders, so whenever you visit that specific place, you’ll instantly get a notification from Keep.

You can sync Keep with your Google account and can access it and share it anywhere, anytime, on any device, with anyone. You can upload and draw pictures, set different colors to notes for easy scanning, and can check off when a task is done. What I personally love is that it works on the “OK Google” voice command. It just makes things a little easier and serene.

All in all, Keep keeps you organized.

3.     Todoist Premium

Free Download: Android, iPhone

More than 25 million people rely on Todoist for their day-to-day tasks.

Unlike most apps, its user interface is so simple and easy to explore through a bunch of different features. You can do the same great things: make notes, lists, set deadlines, etc. But what’s so sterling about this app is its cutting-edge technology that learns your business routines. It suggests to you the exact future tasks that are important for you.

Its basic version is free. But for professionals, it has a premium subscription plan annually or monthly that enhances its features.

For example, you will be able to assign tasks to your co-workers or team directly within the app and you’ll also get the latest trends related to your business.

It just makes everything straightforward for anyone looking to save their every minute.

Overall, Todoist is a great app to organize your life with.

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4.     Things 3 (for iPhone only)

Free Download: iPhone

Things 3 is a powerful award-winning iOS app that lets you get things done on time, every time!

With Things, you can set your plans for mornings, evenings, days, and tomorrows. Each task can be categorized, making it simple for you to scan, and check your plans. It even allows you to use headings as outlines in your tasks.

Moreover, with its Quick-Find feature, you can quickly find the task you want from the numerous tasks you may have set. You can share all your to-do lists on the home screen as well; so the next task always remains in front of your eyes.

There are many more cool features that make it the most innovative to-do app for iPhone users.

Concluding: Things get things done for you!  

5.     2Do

FREE Download: Android, iPhone

Here is another award-winning app both for android and iPhone users.

It has a very simple, straightforward user interface. Create tasks, lists, and make notes any time you want easily. Want to know what’s unique? You can use an email plugin to integrate your email with it. That means you can set tasks by simply emailing anytime.

You can attach multiple alerts to a single task. That means YOU control this app, unlike other apps that bombard you with notifications. There are a lot of cool, handy features to make your life easier.

It’s available for Free. But with premium plans, you get more enhanced features. Such as syncing all your tasks, lists with apps like Dropbox, Tooldedo, or Fruux.

Try 14 days free trial for android and 21 days for iOS with all its features unlocked for you. Later, if you love the app, you can unlock those premium features forever with a one-time payment. No annoying subscriptions.

On the whole, 2Do isn’t like any to-do app. It lets YOU control it without losing your focus in life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best app for reminders?

The best reminder apps for Android
BZ Reminder.
Calendar Notification.
Keep Notes with Google.
The Heynote app.
The IKE.

What is the simplest reminder app?

Check out this app called Remind Me if you just want a simple reminder app that gets the job done. XDA Member pineappleftw has created a very simple and straightforward reminder app called Remind Me.

What is the best reminder app for iPhone?

Here are the best iPhone and iPad reminder apps for 2022
1-It’s due.
2-Fantastical 2.
5-Remember the Milk.
7-Things 3.
8-Microsoft To-Do

How do I get daily reminders?

1-Open Google Calendar on your Android device.
2-Tap the Create button at the bottom right. Reminder.
3-Choose a reminder, or enter your own.
4-Date, time, and frequency can be selected.
5-Tap Save in the top right corner.
6-A reminder appears in the Google Calendar app. It is crossed out when it is done

Is there a reminder app that speaks?

A powerful reminder app with a calendar and voice reminders, you can easily set up all kinds of reminders. You can use your own voice recordings or a song from your music library as the reminder sound. Both will play at the time of the reminder.

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