Top 5 Reminders Apps That You Can Rely On

All of us need some reminders sometimes to do our routine tasks. We have a world of distraction around us and can quickly forget about important stuff in our day to day life. So, reminders won’t just make you productive but will serve as your savior on many occasions as well.

You can always set an online alarm to keep your schedule in order, but then there are times when you don’t have access to a computer system or an internet connection. In such situations, you need something that is always accessible so that you may not miss out on anything significant.

As far as Android users are concerned, they have quite a few options available, and here we have listed some of the best reminders apps that one can rely on. Let’s take a look.

  1. do

It’s a to-do list application that can be used as a beautiful reminder app. Such apps can be perfect for small routine tasks like remembering to buy milk at a grocery store. makes a beautiful app that allows for different customizations, time and location-based reminders, cloud syncing across devices, etc. The app features Material Design and can be used for home tasks as well as professional purposes.

  1. BZ Reminders

It’s another simple to-do list application for Android. It comes with quite a few robust features and allows you to color-code different tasks to keep things easy to organize.

It also offers support for Android wear, recurring tasks, alerts, and hourly reminders to accomplish small tasks that you have to do every hour or so. The app is quite simple and not as complicated as other big names available on the play store.

  1. Google Keep

It’s, probably, one of the best apps for note-taking available today. The app even allows you to make audio, video, photo, list, and text notes. It offers a relatively simple, yet effective, reminders feature. Notes can be set to appear as notifications whenever you’re at a particular place or a specific time is reached.

For example, the shopping list you have created with the app can be made to pop up when the GPS learns your location is somewhere close to a grocery store in the area.

  1. GTasks

It’s a unique application that can be used for reminders. GTasks can sync with TickTick and Google Tasks to give you a perfect combination of apps to get your reminders right.

When you integrate it with TickTick, things become closely resembling the original TickTick app. With the same essential features, you can choose any of them to use. If you have a TickTick subscription, you can use GTasks to replace it as well.

  1. Ike To-Do List

It’s another reminder application that is unique. The app relies on President Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix. The app allows you to schedule several tasks at a time while giving them a specific importance value and the jobs will be prioritized accordingly.

There are many useful features like reminders, images, audio, widgets, notes, due dates, and customizations. The app provides all the necessary features that you might need and is quite fun to use as well.

So, pick one of these coolest apps listed above, and you will have a cool reminders application on your Android phone that will ensure you never forget anything meaningful anymore.

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