Top 5 Android Ultimate Lifehacks

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This article is going to be Top 5 Android Ultimate Lifehacks and tricks for your phone.

That you might not have known about and should be pretty useful, and this is going to be for both Android or iOS. No matter what you’re using, this should work on both.

1: Real Or Fake Number

You might not even have to have your phone with you, and that’s how you can tell.

If someone gave you a phone number that’s real or not.

I don’t know, maybe have this issue.

So, what you do is after you ask for their phone number. You either type it in.

Alternatively, they give it to you, and you write it down.

You read it back to them.

But, you give one digit off.

So, if the last four figures are one two three four.

You read off their number and then end it with one-two three-five. And if it corrects you.

You know, remember the name if they don’t correct you and say oh yeah. That’s right; then, they don’t know the random number.

They gave you so you can tell it’s fake. Now, if you’re not socially adjusted.

Let me clue you in. If someone gave you a fake phone number, don’t go in demand and say haha gotcha.

And then demand the real number cuz.

They don’t want to talk to you just kind of take note say all right good to know and leave or something like that unless.

I don’t know; you don’t want to get scammed, and you actually have to talk to this person again for like business or something, but still, it might be useful.

2: Stop Someone’s Phone Alarm

Maybe This will be useful.

If I don’t know, you have a roommate or a friend.

And it’s annoying if you go and call that friend’s phone.

It will stop that alarm, and I know this works on the iPhone, and it will snooze the fear. It might not turn it off completely. But that’s good to know. And I’m not sure if this works on Android.

I know it doesn’t work on later versions.

But it might work on earlier versions, but still, if you call them.

It’ll be enough to wake them up in the first place anyway. So give them a call if their alarms are going off and if it’s annoying you.

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3: Save Phone With Extension

This one is if you ever have to save a phone number.

That has an extension on it. If you call a company and then you immediately always have to type in the expansion for someone.

You can save the development along with the phone number.

So, it will dial it automatically.

Now it’s different depending on whether you’re an iPhone or Android if you’re on iPhone.

What you do is, you go into contact as you’d usually type on the phone. And then you hold down the start button, and it will add a comma.

You can add the rest of that extension, and then what will happen is we’ll dial the phone number and then pause and then.

After it picks up or whatever, it will dial that extension.

So, you don’t have to every time, and then it’ll go to that person, and what you can also do is say it starts dialing. The extension too early it doesn’t wait long enough.

You can keep pressing and holding the start button to add more commas.

So, it will create a longer delay until it’s long enough.

You can also do this, although it will depend on what dialer. You’re using and like what version of Android you’re using.

It will work the same, where if you hold down the star, it’ll add a comma or at least for the latest beta for Android.

There are actually three dots.

Where if you press that, you can choose right there whether to add a pause or wait. So, you have two options, and with these, the two-second delay is as you would expect.

And you can add many of them, or the wait command will wait and prompt you for it.

When you want to dial the extension, so this might be a better situation.

Where you can expect until it’s ready to accept the expansion on the other side, then you press it. Auto dials that so you at least don’t have to remember the development.

4: Phone Camera To See Infrared

This one’s pretty quick actually, and it’s how you can use your phone’s camera to determine.

Whether like your TV remote or some other remote is out of batteries and remote. And press a button and see if the infrared light on the remote lights up.

Because unlike our eyes, phone cameras can see infrared light. When we can’t go so this way, you can check if the remotes were doing something, and you can also use this on anything else.

That emits IR, so if you want to monitor. All the infrared lights on your security camera are working like that; this might be useful.

5: Control Flashlight Brightness

You can control the intensity of most phone flashlights.

So it doesn’t turn on to full brightness all the time.

If you don’t need it soon, iOS is comfortable in the latest versions.

It’s from the top if you’re on iPhone X either way if you 3d touch on the flashlight. It’ll further menu where you can control the brightness.

You can slide it up and down right from that menu super easy.

If you’re on Android, not all versions of Android will have this built into the operating system. But, I know that at least on Samsung phones.

You can scroll down from the top and bring down the quick options menu.

Then If you tap on the word flashlight if it’s in the shortcuts menu instead of the symbol, it should also bring up another menu, where you can select the brightness.

And if your version of Android is in stock and doesn’t have this option, you might have to download an app that will do.

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