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Instagram has introduced a new “Priority Label” feature in the Direct Message (DM) section. Using this new feature, you can easily talk to your favourites. If you have recently noticed this feature, this article will be a complete guide for you, providing you with everything you need to know about.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. It launches new features time by time, grabbing the attention of its user community and increasing active users due to such amazing features. Most recently, Instagram has rolled out a flurry of new features that are for users, including creators, businessmen and people for their casual use.

These new features include Pin posts to your Instagram profile, extended reel time, 3D avatar stickers in reels, etc. Among them, the Priority label also has a great role and was launched alongside these amazing features. People just started to notice such amazing features after Instagram solved the problems, including Instagram stories, Camera and See Translation issues.

What is the “Priority Label” feature on Instagram DM?

“Priority label” is just a new feature on Instagram, and in this feature, you can tag those people the priority whom you communicate with the most. For this, you need to add a tag with the people’s names who are on their regular communication list. This gives priority o their messages, and you can read them quickly and promptly reply to them.

This feature helps Instagram identify the people you give the most priority to and communicate with them the most. Hence, this feature prioritizes replying to your followers and friends. For this, you need not do anything or the other person you communicate with. Still, this feature on Instagram detects automatically and selects your prioritised friends on its own, and the tag starts appearing automatically.

This priority label feature on Instagram was launched in June, and now this feature is available on both the devices Android and iOS.

How to get the Priority Lable or Tag for an Instagram user?

It is necessary to update your Instagram version to get any new features on Instagram. For this, you need to go to your App Store (Android devices) or Play Store (iOS devices) in your device. Search Instagram in the search bar, and then you will see an update option beside your Instagram app. In this way, your app will be updated.

After updating your Instagram app, open it and open the DM section from the top right corner. There you’ll see that the users and friends you talk to the most have a tag under their name. To get the tag, you don’t need to do anything. Instagram itself do the task.

If, for example, you don’t get a tag on some person, this simply means there is not enough communication between you ad that person according to the communication criteria on Instagram.

Sometimes, the algorithm fails, and thus Instagram does not recognize the person with whom you communicate the most, and when they don’t recognize you, no priority tag appears. For that, you just need to wait and continue your conversations with that person on Instagram. After some time, Instagram will do it.

How to Turn off the Priority Feature on Instagram?

How to Turn off the Priority Feature on Instagram?

It’s common that whenever a new feature is launched on Instagram, many questions arise in people’s minds about the working of that feature, its pros and cons, etc. Here, when this priority label feature was launched on Instagram, there were different questions raised by the public about this new feature, including if we are not interested in this feature, then how can we turn it off?

This feature is not optional to do or not do, but it works automatically after the latest update. It predicts the person whom you communicate with mostly and then tags that person. That’s why there’s no method provided in the settings by the Instagram or Meta team. It is visible below the names of the person who are on priority.

But yes, if you don’t want the tag to appear, you can follow the method that doesn’t communicate with them for some days and instead of that communicate with other people you want. This tag will disappear from that person after some days.

Hence, we cannot completely turn off the Priority label feature on Instagram as it is not optional. However, we can move it from one person to another by changing the frequency of communication with the person.

Instagram’s Priority Label Feature Receives Mixed Response

The new feature on Instagram, the Priority label, got mixed responses from Instagram users worldwide. Some Instagram users have liked this new feature as they can approach the priority person with whom they communicate the most easily. While some users have disliked this feature and question its legitimacy, they say that it does not work properly and cannot predict and recognize the people who are on priority efficiently.

This new feature is also discussed on all the social networking platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, Quora, etc., and the mixed relations of the users are very prominent.

“Priority label feature” was also greatly discussed on Twitter as one Twitter user shared a tweet that,

“Idk what algorithm Instagram uses to mark people as a priority but I’m sure it’s not working right.”

A large percentage of Instagram users who use this platform mainly for communicating with their friends and family like this platform very much as their favourite persons among all their friends and followers are visible on priority, and they don’t need to find their contact when to communicate with them. They are shown on priority.

The creators on Instagram have strongly disliked this feature as their main purpose is to use the Instagram platform to spread their creativity. They are annoyed by this feature. As one of the creators said;

“What is wrong with Instagram? Really 2 3 times to anyone and here you go with the priority tag on their name.”

Every new feature has its pros and cons, and people also give mixed reviews when it’s launched, but as time passes, people become used to this feature. Also, the Instagram IT team will understand the people issues and will make this feature better so that it can be helpful for all the people and doesn’t tag any random person with the “Priority label”.

Is the Priority Lable in Instagram DMs Useful?

The new feature, “priority Label”, is somehow useful but it’s not an essential feature. Once Instagram figures out all the criteria of this feature and about, how to assess communication rightly and when it will provide the priority tags to the right people.

When the Instagram team works on it, it will become more convenient for people to talk with people they prioritize. But when this “Priority Lable” feature wrongly prioritizes people, Instagram users are very annoyed by this feature. Because random people they communicate with for 2 to 3 days are on the top of the menu and just annoying without being useful. This feature annoys me when it prioritizes random people.

Instagram and Meta teams are working efficiently to provide users with a very friendly platform with all the amazing features that help people and are convenient for them. Instagram provides multiple ways to people so that they can stick to this platform. In all these new features, reels,s stories, posts and DMs are the main factors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does priority mean on Instagram?

Instagram help users to make this platform friendly for them and to make better access to their followers. By the “Priority label” feature on Instagram, Instagram makes the list of contacts in the DM section on the basis of their engagement in that chat section. People with whom you communicate the most are at the top of the list.

What does Recent means On Instagram?

On Instagram, if you see “recent” on any photos, videos or messages, then it means that the Message (video or photo) is sent recently.

Can you tell if somebody reread your message on Instagram?

No, there’s no way to tell if somebody has reread your message. It notifies that the message has been received and also tells when it is read or viewed. But if the receiver rereads the messages, you’ll not be notified.

How anonymous is Picuki?

Picuki is a completely anonymous app for viewing Instagram. Once on Picuki, you can easily see Instagram photos, videos, reels, posts, and stories without letting anyone know about it.


Hence, this article discusses the newly launched feature on Instagram, “The Priority Label”. It gives the priority tag to the people you communicate with the most. We have also discussed the mixed reviews of people on this new feature. Some who use this platform mainly for communication purposes are satisfied with it, while the creators are annoyed by it. However, in the coming days, the Instagram IT team will work to resolve all the issues of people to make this feature friendly for all people.







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