Nvidia and AMD launched New Versions Of Graphics Cards

Nvidia and AMD just launched new versions of graphics cards with eight gigs.

On the AMD side onboard like eight gigs of RAM.

So who are those actually for why would one need double the amount of the RAM.

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What the heck is VRAM well it’s a specialized version of dynamic random access memory or DRAM.

Similar to the way your standard system RAM keeps the CPU fed with data the VRAM keeps your GPU or your graphics processing unit supplied with the information.

It needs to render images to your monitors the VRAM holds textures frame buffer on any other assets. That is required to provide a frame like shadow maps bump maps and lighting information.

High-Speed Memory:

It’s much faster for the GPU to pull off of that extremely high-speed memory right.

Then to pull from your hard drive or SSD or even from Your system memory.

So, then what factors influence the amount of VRAM that’s using by your GPU well one is monitor resolution.

The frame buffer is using to store the image as it’s rendering before and during the time.

It’s being sent to the display. the resolution impacts this directly.

So, games are all provided at 32-bit color depth unless you explicitly set them to something else.

That’s 32 bits per pixel times 1920 x 1080 for 1080p.

A single frame would be 8.3 megabytes a 4k image would be a whopping 3840 by 2160 by 32.

Which is about 33 points 2 megabytes quite a lot more the second factor that affects memory usage is anti-aliasing.

To anti-alias an image or smooth out the jaggies, more pixels need to be rendering.

And then smooth to reduce that staircase appearance as you increase.

The sample size as you take more and more samples.

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Impact On Memory Usage:

This can have a massive impact on memory usage okay. So, now you know that resolution and anti-aliasing are our two significant factors.

That affects the RAM usage but what are the numbers tell me. What I need Linus precisely well here’s a tricky thing it depends complete be on your game.

Well, the game you’re running, and you’re not a fool you’re a very very intelligent human.

Being you don’t mean to insult you running Minecraft at 4k is going to have very different requirements from something like Skyrim with the high-quality texture packs.


The actual quality of the resolution of the textures themselves within the game has a significant impact on how much VRAM is going to be using.

So, here’s a bit of an example when the GTX 680 came out it only had two gigs of video memory. And that was plenty.

But as games have gotten more and more detailing.

More VRAM has become required to hold higher quality texture.

So, games that aren’t optimizing. Or can render higher quality images are going to fill up a more extensive view RAM.

So, that’s why something like the GTX 770 is basing on the same GPU.

The 680 is available with a three gig frame buffer even though.

That GPU is not more potent because the way that the games we’re developing had just changed even in that short period.


Now there are a couple of mini-myths about VRAM. We should probably address this as part of this Article. First lots of users think that crossfire or SLI will scale the amount of RAM in your system.

So say you’ve got like a four-gig GTX 970 it happens to be precise.

What I have here go figure you got a four gig GTX 970, and then you add in another four-concert GTX 970.

So I even got like eight gigs of VRAM no wrong the way that multi-GPU workloads are handling the VRAM is cloning across the card.

So both of them have access to the same assets at the same time so even when you have four of these GPUs in the system at a time although.

You can’t do that because they’re 970 is they only running in 3-way but don’t worry too much about this.

That even if you had four of them, you would still have effectively the same amount of VRAM for gaming as if you were running a single card and this also applies to dual GPU cards.

Like the Titans E or the r9 290 5×2 which have 12 gigs or 8 gigs of ram on them.

But in actuality that six concerts and four gigs of usable VRAM per graphics card.

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