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So, I have bought a new car last month, it took me two years to buy this amazing machine. Now the next thing was to check the car speakers and to my surprise, it came with just an average car audio system. This was the time that I decided to go for the quality and select the best car audio system. My plan was to buy a double din car stereo with a dedicated power supply.

Now you must be thinking why double din car stereo?

Let me tell you guys that I always go for a double din car stereo. A double din not only comes with a set of user-friendly features but it also has a video screen. This not only helps to watch videos on your car stereo but I prefer it for the rearview camera. For me, it is not easy to reverse the car, so I always depend on these back cameras, and for that, I always need a double din car stereo.

Since I have already decided on the car stereo, it was time to select the remaining car audio system accessories. My aim was to only go for the best brands and quality products. I have already saddened at the factory fitted car stereo, so I was not willing to take any chance now.

I started looking at the internet for car speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Now I have heard that class d amplifiers are just useless, so I decided to read a bit about class d amplifiers.

What we have been thinking about class d amplifiers and what is the reality? This is totally shocking for me.

Strangely I landed on and read an article on class d amplifiers. After reading that detailed article, I am convinced that class d amplifiers are among the best class these amplifiers have to offer. I just love class d amplifiers now because of their amazing features.

These are the best and energy-efficient amplifiers and with every passing day, we are moving towards an energy-efficient world.

Previously these class d amplifiers were known as non-musical and there are reasons for that. Class d amplifiers require a dedicated filter that helps them to function properly. Now, this filter is not easy to design but now thanks to the latest technology and energetic designers, we have the best filters available for the class d amplifiers.

I suggest looking for car audio accessories compatibility with the amplifier before you finally decide to buy one.

Now thanks to the article on I have decided to buy a class d amplifier for my sound system.

With that my plan is to attach an 8-inch car subwoofer with this amplifier. I am planning to make my car music-friendly, so I believe this 8-inch car subwoofer will be the best choice for my new car. Now let me tell you that just buying good quality subwoofers does not guarantee quality music.

I decided to go for a subwoofer box for deep bass, subwoofer box design plays an important role in a powerful bass production.

Now that I have selected all major car audio equipment, it is time to mount the car subwoofer properly in the car. I have two options to select from:

  • Mount the subwoofer under the seat.
  • Mount the subwoofer in the trunk.

Let me tell you that if you have a big sized car then you can choose to install the car subwoofers either in the trunk or under the seat. If you are into big sized subwoofers then the only option is to mount it in the trunk. You can use plastic stripes to fix the car subwoofer properly in the car trunk.

If you have a tight budget then the only option is to add under the seat car subwoofer. These under seat car subwoofers are normally compact in size and often cheap in price. However, I have seen a few complaints from the buyers who are not satisfied with the quality of sound.

Final Words:

I have given detailed information about selecting the best car audio equipment. I have focused on the class d amplifiers and I recommend trying them at least. They will not only deliver quality music but they are energy efficient. We are moving towards an energy-efficient era and I also recommend going for products that use little energy and their efficiency is around 99 percent.

Feel free to contact me with any questions if you have related to the car audio system.

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  1. You are kept very helpful to share about subwoofers, it is also demandable post for those who want to upgrade their old subwoofer. Thanks for the post.

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