Launching Instagram Subscription Faeture in the US and India

Instagram has recently launched a subscription feature for content creators in India and United States. They are testing this new subscription feature and have been working on it since last November. This article will discuss everything about this new subscription feature and its launch in the United States and India for their content writers.

With this new Instagram Subscription feature, content writers can earn a handsome income based on their fans’ community every month. Many other social media platforms are trying to launch this feature; Twitter has already rolled it out as “Super FLow.” also Tik Tok is also testing to launch this feature for the public.

By using the Instagram Subscription feature, subscribers can access exclusive content, and passionate creators work enthusiastically and create handsome content that attracts traffic. For Instagram influencers, Brand collaboration is the primary source of revenue, and the subscription feature has the power to change this.

What is the Instagram Subscription Feature?

By launching Instagram’s subscription feature, Instagram has shown another way and source to generate income. By using this feature, Instagram creators can have paid access to their Instagram reels, videos, and stories, posts from their followers.

The people who subscribe are given a special Purpl-colored badge. This means they have subscriptions in the creator’s inboxes and the comments section below. When a subscriber subscribes, he gets access to all the content that is only for the subscribers (subscriber-only content). They can then view the content that will be posted after they subscribe and also that is posted before their subscription.

This feature increases the engagement of the creators and their fans, and thus they can interact deeply. The subscribers also receive exclusive broadcast alerts that others cannot view and receive.

There are also subscriber-only stories on Instagram, and a purple ring shows them. In these stories, the creators share their creativity with their fans and followers. They share their special polls, BTS, and much more exciting stuff.

Nowadays, these reports are viral, and the subscribers can take screenshots or do screen records of their creator’s subscriber-only content (posts, videos, photos, reels, etc.). Thus, the Instagram IT team is working on it to resolve the issue and keep the strict privacy of the creator’s subscriber-only content.

But till now, it’s under testing process. There’s no way to track whether someone is recording the screen or taking screenshots. Thus, Instagram is now unable to restrict subscribers’ use or give them limited access. Until now, there’s no dedicated dashboard to track the subscription metrics and analyze their activities.

Creators get the total earnings from their subscription settings.

How much does an Instagram Subscription Cost?

When a user subscribes to their creators and celebrities, they actually get access to their private content. They unlock the subscribers-only content, can view it freely, and enjoy it. Creators have an option they can select the price point and give access to their content and demands price according to the worth of their content.

The creators have eight price point options, and they can choose from them. These price point options vary from (as low as)$0.99 to (as high as) $99.99 per month. While in India, there are only three price point options that are ₹89/month, ₹440/month, and ₹890/month.

Till now, Indian Instagrammers have had no access to the Subscription feature on Instagram. But yes, Indian fans can subscribe to their United States creators as the US creators have access to the Instagram Subscription Feature.

Will Instagram take a Cut from Creator’s Earning?

Instagram does not cut any you t from the Creator’s Earning that they have earned from the subscription feature. Instagram claims that this subscription feature is for the creators so that they can have handsome earnings from their content, live a happy life, and make the bond between the creators and their fans and followers stronger and deeper by giving them access to all their content. Thus it engages their fans and boosts their interaction and engagement.

Instagram’s Co-head of Products, Ashley Yuki, says;

We are the same as all of Meta—we are not taking rev share until at least 2023. Our main aim and goal here is that we help creators make a living..We are trying to think of all the ways that we can build monetization producta where that’s possible.

Instagram Testing Subscription with 10 Cretors in the US

Instagram Testing Subscription with 10 Cretors in the US

Instagram is testing its subscription feature in the US. They want to launch this feature in the United States, so they took 10 US creators and tested this new feature with them. The main objective of launching this feature is to get more and more feedback from the fans so that the creator’s and fans’ engagement can become deeper and their bond can become stronger.

The 10 US creators that have got access to the Instagram Subscription feature are;

You are free to visit the Instagram profiles of these creators in the US, and then if you subscribe to them, you can access all their exclusive content (subsriber-only stores, reels, videos, photos, and posts). Till now, Instagram has not highlighted any criteria for why they have selected only these 10 US creators.

The success of these testing on the 10 US creators will pave the path for more creators to get a subscription feature.

Instagram Subscription Feature Spotted in India

Instagram Meta has also revealed the subscription feature to Indians. After successfully testing this feature in India, this feature is now launched in India. A Twitter user, Slamon Memon, has shared a tweet. In that tweet, he posted some screenshots according to which Instagram users now have access to subscribe to certain creators.

Like anywhere else, Instagram users in India can subscribe to the creators they are fans of and can see their exclusive content via the App store or Play Store in the app-purchasing. Three pricing options are available to Indian Instagram users that are; ₹89/month, ₹440/month, and ₹890/month.

If these testings in India and United States got successful and praise from the fans, followers, and all Instagram users, then it is expected that Instagram will launch and roll out this amazing subscription feature in many other countries so that Instagram creators can enjoy a good living by their exclusive content.

Recently they have been testing this new subscription feature so that to analyze all the Do’s and Don’ts of this feature.  Instagram want not want the welfare of its creators but also wants to counter its competitors using this subscription feature.

Other social media platforms, Tik Tok, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., welcome Instagram to fierce competition. Meta is doing its best to rule out this fierce competition so that the Instagram creators and their fans and followers community become stuck to that platform.

The Instagram creator economy is prospering and booming, and it guarantees massive growth in the coming years. Meta its full effort to lead the sector and Instagram’s subscription feature is the way to success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Instagram subscription feature available in India?

Yes, the Instagram subscription feature is available in India. The users can subscribe to their favorite Instagramcreators via Play Store or App Store’s in-app purchases and can access their creator’s exclusive content.

How do you get a subscription feature on Instagram?

Follow the steps below if you want to get a subscription feature on Instagram.

  • First, ensure that Instagram has launched this new feature in your locality.
  • Then, update your Instagram app.
  • If you are a creator, choose the amount you want to charge for each monthly subscription.
  • If you are from the creator’s fan community, tap the Subscribe button on your favorite creator’s Instagram profile.
  • Once subscribed, you can see your creators’ subscriber-only exclusive content.

What does the Subscription Package mean?

A monthly or annual payment that the subscribers have to pay that’s changed by the creators in order to have excess to their subscriber’s-only exclusive content (photos, videos, reels on their stories and posts) and can enjoy. The subscriber has to pay a specific amount according to the subscription package he chooses.

What can you post on Instagram Subscription?

You can post anything your fans like on the Instagram subscription;

  • Posts
  • Stories (Photos and videos)
  • Reels
  • Subscriber-only Group chat

Can people tell if you use Picuki?

No, people cannot have any idea if you are using Picuki. It is completely anonymous. If you are using Instagram via Picuki, no one can know. The users cannot know the visit time to their Instagram stories, profiles, followers, hashtags, locations, etc. when using Picuki.


In this article, we have discussed the new Instagram feature that is rolling out in the United States and India, the Subscription Feature. This feature ensures the well-being of the Instagrampassionatecreatora and strengthens the bond between Instagram creators and their fans and followers so that they can engage more deeply. With the success in these two countries, Instagram will launch and roll out this amazing feature in many other countries.










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