How to Use the new Feature of Instagram Notes?

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity among the youth and is a very well-known platform among all social media platforms. Globally, Instagram users are billions. Instagram launches its new features from time to time, and whenever a new feature is introduced on the Instagram platform, people have a lot of queries about what this feature is. How to use it? What are its advantages?  What are the drawbacks of this feature, etc.?

So, we are always here to discuss with you and answer your every query so that it becomes clarified and understood in your mind.

Recently, Instagram has rolled out and launched a new feature name, “Notes.” With the help of this new feature, users can share tweet-like text-based temporary statuses on the platform. This article will tell you how to use the notes on iPhone and Android devices.

This new feature has left global Instagram users in awe as it is surprisingly useful. Instagram spreads visual content all around the world. Now, Instagram is putting more focus on videos as compared to photos and promoting videos through reels and IGTV.

What are Notes on Instagram?

“Notes” is a very new feature on Instagram. This was launched on Instagram on September 27, 2022. This is accessible to all the android and iOS users. Using these notes, you can share and post short notes to your fans, close friends, and followers. You can also find them in your DM (Direct Messages) on Instagram.

They are just like small sticky notes; your friends and followers can see them and respond to them. When any of your friends or follower replies to you on any of these notes, the no replies are received in the Direct Message section (DM) as any message.

How does the Instagram feature “Notes” work?

The new feature, Instagram notes, allows all the users to share their posts with friends and followers .these notes are usually text-based. Users have a limit to writing a text of only up to 60 characters, and they can’t write text bigger than that. As Instagram stories vanishes after 24 hours, the notes work the same. They remain there for 24 hours, and after that, they disappear.

When you upload the notes on Instagram, they are live for 24 hours; until then, any of your followers can respond to your notes. You receive their messages in the Direct Messages section, and after receiving a message on notes, you can also continue your conversation on notes with your friends.

These notes are very important and are used by Instagram users to highlight or tell bout any event happening. People use these notes for multiple purposes. Brands use these notes to advertise and promote their services and products; by using them, they connect more consciously and sincerely to their fans and followers.

These notes have got a high potential on Instagram and serve a lot of purposes.

How can I use these notes on Instagram?

How can I use these notes on Instagram?

It is quite simple to use notes on Instagram. It’s as simple as sharing any text-based post on your Facebook account but on Instagram, this feature ( notes ) is available in the DM section.

Here’s a simple and easy method to use notes on Instagram;

  • Open Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) on your device.
  • Update your Instagram app so you can use the latest version of Instagram.
  • Open the Instagram app and then the DM section.
  • There you will see notes of the people you follow if they have posted any notes there.
  • If you want to make notes, click on the + sign there.
  • You can write anything you want in your notes.
  • After writing, you must select your target audience to whom you want to show your notes.
  • After selecting the audience, tap on the “Share” option.
  • After that, the people with whom you have shared your notes will see them when they open their DM section. You’ll get their messages in the DM section if they reply to your notes.

Instagram Notes not Available: How to Get them?

There’s a frequently asked question I’m not finding notes on my Instagram; what should I do? So, the answer is that it’s quite recent that this new feature has been launched in the world, and it will take time to adjust everywhere. Some regions have accessed it, and some don’t have this feature. So, you need to be patient. Wait until the Instagram IT managers roll it out to everyone so you can have it.

You can also perform the following steps to have access to this new feature;

  • Make sure you have an updated version of Instagram; if not, go to Play Store or App Store and update your app to the latest version.
  • Restart your device.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall your Instagram app.
  • Clear cache and other Play Store data (Android users)

Perform all the steps one by one and check if any of them works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the new Note feature on Instagram?

As Instagram is focusing more on reels via videos and IGTV, so Instagram has launched a new feature, “Notes”. this feature allows the users to write anything they want to show to their friends and followers and has a limit of writing up to 60 characters.

Where are my notes saved?

If you are using an Android device of a higher version, then the notes you make on Instagram are backed up in the Internal Storage of your Android device.

How do I open my notes history?

Open a note on Instagram. If you want to see the history of your notes, then click on the

letter, “I” (Info button), on your screen. After that, you click on the option, View History, and then you can see the history of your notes.

Is Picuki anonymous?

Yes, Picuki is completely anonymous and safe. It helps you in browsing Instagram and you don’t need to make an account on it.


In this blog, we have about Instagram’s new feature, “Notes,” and also about how this feature and how to use these notes. If these notes are still unavailable to you, then you can follow the steps mentioned above, or you can also contact Instagram’s Help Centre. I hope you’ll find this content helpful.

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