How to Use “Pin to Profile” Feature on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the favourite social media platforms among the youth. Instagram keeps on adding different features to the app. Among these features, “pin to Profile” is a very prominent feature that highlights the favourite posts on the platform.

In this article, we’ll learn and discuss all about the “pin to Profile” feature, and it can be used.

This feature was released and announced by Instagram on 7th June 2022. In this feature, Instagram users were allowed to pin up to three posts to their profile, and they may be reels, photos, videos, etc., at the top of the profile grid.

Adam Mosseri, the Instagram head, said,

Your Profile is your space, so we are looking for more ways to give you control over that experience.

Adam also revealed another feature of 90 seconds video. It is actually the capability of importing audio for reels from your device anywhere.

These features are many benefits for the creators, and each of the creators will like the Feature, Pin to Profile.

Let’s discuss how to use this feature on Instagram.

What is the “Pin to Profile” feature on Instagram?

The feature “Pin to Profile” is a new feature on Instagram with the help of which Instagram users can pin up the posts on their profile grid, and they can pin at least three posts there. These posts that you pin appear on the top of your profile grid. People like to watch these pinned posts instead of your latest posts.

When you post any story, it appears on your profile photo, and when you pin the other posts to your profile, the pinned-to-profile posts show before the recent posts.

When this feature was launched, there was a misconception that it was permitted only for businessmen and creators, but no, it’s not that. It’s accessible to every Instagram user, irrespective of the type of account you use. (both public and private).

Live Testing of this Feature

Instagram started the live testing of the feature “Pin to Profile” in April 2022. This feature was made accessible to everyone on Tuesday, 7 June 2022. This feature is very useful for Instagram users as due to this feature, Instagram users can upload their favourite posts and pin them to their profile. Through these posts, they express themselves and also their lifestyle.

By looking at someone’s pinned posts, people get to know about them, their interests, their habits, what they do and who they are. When we upload more posts, the previous ones are buried, and thus people cannot watch the good posts. So, pinning the highlights and your favourite videos and photos in posts makes it easy to access your lifestyle.

The “Pin to Profile” feature saves all the amazing and impressive posts, and then these posts shine on the top of your profile and reflect you.

How to Use the feature “Pin to Profile” on Instagram?

The pin to Profile feature is now accessible to everyone on Instagram. If you do not have that available on your Instagram, then you must update your app to the latest version of Instagram to use the newly updated features of Instagram. For this, go to the Play store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and search for Instagram in the search bar. After that, you’ll show an update option next to your Instagram. Click on the Update option. Wait for it to update. Then restart your device and check.

When you open Instagram again, you can access these features. Follow the following steps if you want to pin your favourite posts on your Instagram profile;

  1. Open the updated version of Instagram.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Select the photo, video or reel you want to pin to your Profile.
  4. You’ll see three dots at the top-right corner of your screen.
  5. Click on them, and you’ll see a list. Press on the “Pin to Profile” option.
  6. You can pin the three posts, repeat the same process with two more photos, videos or reels and pin it to your profile.

How can I Unpin the Pinned Posts on Instagram?

How can I Unpin the Pinned Posts on Instagram?

When you want to unpin your Pinned posts to pin another exciting post to your profile, you can unpin them easily. It is an as simple and easy process as that of pinning the posts. To unpin your pinned post from your profile, follow the following steps;

  1. Open your Instagram app and open your profile.
  2. Select the pinned post that you want to unpin now.
  3. You’ll see three dots at the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Click on them, and you’ll see a list. Press on the “Unpin from your Profile” option.
  5. That’s it. Your post will be unpinned from your profile. Now you can add another desired post to your profile.

Instagram Recently Added many Useful Features.

Along with the “Pin to Profile’ feature on Instagram, Meta recently added many new and exciting features on Instagram. These are very utilitarian. Meta also changed the layout of the Home Screen most recently, and now the posts appear in the 9:16, in a bigger dimension.

Now Instagram also shows many posts of people you know but do not follow. Now there is also a “Show all” button on the Stories. Now there is another new feature to like the posts, just by clicking on the heart button below the post.

Now, when you view someone’s story, Instagram also shows their “Active status” if they are online. If you don’t see any Active Status, it simply means that the user is currently offline.

There are also four more features on Instagram that currently, Adam Mosseri has announced for the creators that are;

  1. 90 seconds reel.
  2. Import audio in Reels
  3. Interactive stickers in reels
  4. Grid pinning. (It’s currently in the testing phase since January). This feature allows users to arrange the photos and reels according to their choice, not when they are posted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Instagram pin to profile mean?

It means that you can pin any post to your profile on Instagram that you want. You can navigate a specific photo, video or reel to your profile by clicking on the three dots at the top right of your screen and selecting the pin to profile option. Your post will be pinned.

What is the pin option on Instagram?

On Instagram, there is an option of Pin to profile by which you can pin up to three of your favourite posts (videos, reels or photos) to your profile.

How can you pin someone’s messages on Instagram?

You can pin messages on Instagram. For this, go to the inbox and select the person whose messages you want to pin. Then press and hold the conversation. You will see options at the top of your screen. Click on the “pin” option, and the conversation will be pinned.

What is Picuki Instagram Viewer?

Picuki is an Instagram story viewer that allows users to view stories of any public Instagram account anonymously.


In this article, we have discussed many new features on Instagram. We have also discussed the Pin to Profile feature and how you can use it on Instagram. I have tried my best to convey all your required queries to my best. I hope you have understood how to Pin a post to your profile and unpin it. If you have any questions, then comment in the section below.

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