How to Unlink Instagram and Facebook?

Social media platforms play a very important role in our lives, and it has become almost impossible to live without them as they have interlinked our relations in a strong network. Due to these platforms, the world is brought closer, and everyone is just a second away. It does not matter how far people live in the world in any part; they are connected as a result of these social media platforms. Social media platforms are a blessing for the near and dear one who lives far away.

These social media platforms are also interlinked, as when you post an update on one platform, the other posts the same. Sometimes it looks cool that these social media platforms interlink, but sometimes it’s frustrating as people want all social media platforms to be different and not interlinked.

If sometimes, by mistake, you interlink Instagram and Facebook, and after some time, you want to unlink them because you do not love it, then you have to go through many steps in order to unlink them.

This article is all about how to unlink Facebook and Instagram.

How to Unlink Instagram and Facebook?

When you link Instagram and Facebook, you are actually bound. Whatever you post on Instagram, Facebook posts the same and vice versa. It’s not cool sometimes as you want to post something on a certain platform and don’t want the other platform to post it. This cross-posting is sometimes very frustrating.

Now, if you have made up your mind to keep both platforms (Instagram and Facebook) separate and don’t want to link them. Thus, if you want to unlink Facebook and Instagram, then it’s very simple to disconnect them. Here we’ll also show you a complete guide on how to accomplish the unlinking task on your phone.

If you disconnect both social media platforms, they will not be changed or deleted. Just by disconnecting both platforms, you are actually ceasing the shared experience, and after disconnecting, when you post on one platform, it will not be posted on the other platform.  You can also connect them again whenever you want; it’s very simple.

Here we’ll elaborate on how to unlink Instagram and Facebook On your devices.

Unlinking Instagram and Facebook From Mobile

In our daily life, it’s casual to make accounts on more than one social media platform. Sometimes, you use an account on one platform as a public account, and you use the other anonymously. In this situation, you need not link your social media [platforms with each other. Because when you link these platforms and post on one platform, the other platform also posts something; thus, you cannot do anything anonymously.

Connecting social media accounts makes it easy to manage many services, but sometimes it’s annoying. So, to unlink both accounts, the process is very simple. Just follow the steps below if you want to unlink Your Instagram and Facebook accounts from each other on your mobile phone;

  • Open the Updated version of the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  • Then tap on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your screen on your android and iOS devices.
  • Then tap on the menu option (Three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen)
  • Tap on the settings option.
  • Then from the list, select Accounts Center.
  • Then tap on Accounts and Profiles.
  • Then you need to select the accounts you want unlinked from each other.
  • After that, tap on the “Remove from Accounts” option.
  • You will see a confrontation message that will pop up on the screen that will confirm if you are sure to unlink both accounts. Confirm that message.
  • Tap on, Continue.
  • Select the remove button, and thus, you unlink the accounts.

Unlink Facebook and Instagram from the PC

It is very easy to unlink the accounts on your PC using a web browser. For that, open the official website of Instagram and then follow the steps mentioned below to unlink both accounts (Instagram and Facebook).

  • When you open the updated version of Instagram and log in to your account, tap on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the menu button and after that, go to the settings.
  • Then go to the bottom left corner of the screen. There you’ll see Account Centre.
  • There is a sidebar at the side of the screen. Click on Accounts.
  • Tap on your “Facebook profile” and then click on the “Remove” option.

In this way, you will unlink both the Instagram and Facebook accounts.

How can I Remove Instagram Posts from Facebook?

How can I Remove Instagram Posts from Facebook?

If you are willing to delete or remove any existing Instagram post from your Facebook, then there can be two options. First is a manual method in which you manually open your Facebook album and delete each Instagram photo and video. But if you have a lot of photos to remove, it will be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

The second method is to remove them from the Activity log. If you want to remove Your Instagram posts from your Facebook account by the activity log method, then follow the steps given below;

  • Open your Facebook account on your device.
  • There is an “Ellipsis” icon on your F|acebook profile. Tp on it.
  • Then go to the area “Your Posts”. And tap on “manage your posts.”
  • Now, from the filters menu, select “Categories”.
  • These categories and filters help you in narrowing down your search.
  • Then from other applications, tap on “posts”.

Here you can also see your cross-app sharing. Now you can select all the Instagram photos and videos on Facebook that you want to erase. After you select it, tap on the “Trash” button from the menu. When you delete them, Facebook takes a time of 30 days, and then it moves all the posts to the trash and deletes them.

Benefits of keeping Facebook and Instagram Accounts Separate

It is beneficial to keep your two accounts separate because it does not disturb your working and dealings at different accounts as you may be public at one account while private at the other account. So, keeping two profiles completely different is the primary benefit of unblinking Instagram and Facebook.

When you Unlink Instagram and Facebook from each other, Facebook cannot share or post any comparable post with your Facebook friends as on Instagram.

Another thing is that you can devote more time to each of your platforms by unblinking them from each other. By doing this, you can easily filter out the content you want to share with your Instagram friends and followers and what you want to share with your Facebook friends. By unlinking Instagram and Facebook, there is no way of cross-sharing the same content on both social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to remove your Instagram account from your Facebook page?

If you want to remove your  Instagram account from your Facebook page, then follow the steps below;

  • Open your Facebook page.
  • From the left menu, select “Settings”.
  • Then “Instagram”.
  • If you want to remove your Instagram account, then select Disconnect. You will receive a confirmation message confirming that you want to remove your Instagram account.

That’s it.

How can I Unlink Instagram from Facebook on my iPhone?

Follow the steps below;

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Select “Account” from the settings.
  • After that, select “Sharing to other apps”.
  • After that, select  Facebook or any other app which you want to unlink.
  • After that, click on “unlink account”.
  • Then you’ll see a pop-up message, click on “Yes, I’m sure.

That’s it. Both accounts will be unlinked.

How to link Instagram and Facebook?

If you want to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, then follow the steps below;

  • Open your Instagram app and tap on your profile icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the horizontal menu lines and then tap on Settings.
  • After that, tap on “accounts centre” at the bottom. Then tap on “Add Facebook account”.
  • After that, follow all the on-screen instructions, and accounts will be interlinked.

What is Picuki?

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In this article, we have discussed unlinking the Instagram and Facebook accounts from each other and discussed the method to do this on your Mobile phones and your PC. Linking and unblinking social media platforms have many advantages as well as disadvantages. But it all depends on what sort of work you want to do and which (linking or unblinking) benefits you. Follow the above-mentioned steps if you want to separate each account.

If you have any queries, feel free to comment in the section below.









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