How to type the Cent Symbol on your Computer & Microsoft Word?

We enjoy learning about keyboard shortcuts here. How to type the Cent Symbol or Cent Sign (¢) on your Computer & Microsoft Word.

Your M.S. also includes a particular function.

With a cent sign, you could use a Word document with a long list of menu symbols or a quick keyboard shortcut.

The cent-symbol (del) refers to a certain number of dollars, usually if the sums are less than $1 when thinking about U.S. currency.

Many computers with Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS can type a cent message, and iOS and Android smartphones cent symbol can be found on keyboards. If all other things go wrong, you can search for and copy the cent symbol in your message or document online.

Supreme key points insert Microsoft word

  • Ensure first that the NumLock key is ON (you will use the Keypad to operate on it). Then press Alt + 0162 to unlock the Alt key
  • The workaround is intended to work with all existing Word version Unicode and Cent Sign (¢)

The cent sign is a commonly used cents symbol, often used for pricing and advertising amounts of less than $1. The 52 cents can be written,

For example, in the sum of 52 and $0.52, respectively. It is also used in other currencies, such as Mexican centavos, among other catlike units.

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Dollar Value$

It always looks better for cents to use the cent symbol rather than to convert one cent to a dollar with the leading zero dollar value.

The problem is that most keyboards do not have the cent symbol, which means that a labeled key on the keyboard can not be typed directly.

However, it is part of Unicode, which represents text on computers, smart handsets, and other digital devices in international standards.

That means that most modern machines can display a 100 sign, and digital access is possible.

Microsoft Windows Cent Sign (¢)

In most of the Microsoft Windows software, you can type a Cent sign with the Cents sign’s Alt code, which means a numerical code you type when holding down the Alt key.

The alt code for that symbol was 0162 so that a cent sign is entered by holding down the Alt key and type 0162.

How to Run a Program in Machine?

You can access it via the Windows Character Map Utility if you are unaware of Alt’s code for a Cent sign or any other symbol.

Click on the Start Menu search box or the Taskbar and type the Character Map to open the program. Search by scrolling or typing a cent through the list of characters in the search box.

Use the software given to copy the Character to your machine’s clipboard and paste it into another program.

Also, on search engines like Google or Bing, you can look for the desired symbol’s name and paste it out of the results from the web.

Apple macOS Cent Sign

Using the keyboard shortcut, you can type a cent sign in Apple macOS. Hold down your keyboard’s Option key and press 4.

The dollar sign ($) is also in place on that ring, making it easier to remember the U.S. currency involved.

  • Using Apple’s built-in Character: Viewer to insert characters typically when you do not know the keyboard shortcut. Pop it up, hold down the volume and volume keys and press the space bar to insert the icon.
  • Search for the symbol: You want through the menu with or through the list with the search box. Please tap on the icon in the software you are using to attach it. Re-open a Character Viewer or copy and paste the symbol if you want to reuse the symbol.

Smart Phones Cent Sign

Most iOS and Android smartphone keyboards allow you to access a 100 sign.

Click the $button on the virtual keyboard on iOS and Android devices to trigger other currency symbols, including the cent sign.

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Tap the cent sign or other symbol of currency you need


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is cent computer?

Most programs on Windows can be used to enter a cent sign using the Alt key for the cents symbol, which is a numeric code you type while holding down the Alt key on the keyboard. This symbol is represented by 0162, so to enter a cent sign, press Alt and type 0162.

What is cent in dollar?

1 cent is equal to 0.01 dollar.

What does cents look like?

Typically, the cent sign is composed of a simple minuscule (lower case) letter c. The letter c is usually crossed by a diagonal or vertical stroke (depending on the typeface), giving the character ¢.

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