How to Like Instagram Stories According to the Latest Feature?


It’s a pretty new feature, and you would have never heard of it before. It is now available to Instagram’s users who have updated versions of Instagram. Previously, you could only see the stories on Instagram and reply, respond and reply to them, but you could not like their stories.

Now, Instagram has the latest feature to like the stories of your friends and followers as Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, and it has a user community of about 201 billion and 157 million users.

How can You like Stories on Instagram?

It is true that whenever a new feature comes on any social media platform, the users need a complete guide to use it. They don’t know how to use this feature. So, we are here to guide you through each and every new feature of the Instagram app. 

Now, there’s a new feature on Instagram for liking Instagram stories. We’ll explain each and every step of how to use this feature.

Follow the steps given below;

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Open the story you want to like.
  • At the bottom menu bar of the story, there is a heart icon just next to the airplane icon.
  • When you tap on the heart icon, it will turn red. That’s it. You have liked his story.


How can you Check Who Has Liked Your Instagram Stories?

Only the story owner can check who has liked it if you have uploaded any story on Instagram and want to check it. The people who liked it appear in the viewer list. 

Here are some easy steps to view who has liked your story.

  • Check if you have the updated version of Instagram. If not, then go and install the latest version from the app store or play store according to your device.
  • On the upper left corner of your screen, tap on the story icon.
  • In the corner, you’ll see one of your user’s profile icons that shows that this person has viewed your story.
  • Tap on that icon, then swipe up to double-check.  it will display the whole list that someone else has seen your story. 
  • If any of the viewers have liked your story, you’ll see a heart symbol in front of it.

If I Like Someone’s Instagram Story, Can they know?

If I Like Someone's Instagram Story, Can they know?

When you like someone’s story, he can see it. Only the person who has posted the story can see who has liked it. He can see how many likes he has earned since he posted a story. Instagram keeps it secret from others who have liked someone’s story so that others cannot see it. 

Why is this feature Good?

This feature is very good, as you can see who has liked your post, and this feature works best for those who conduct polls. They determine from the number of people who’ve liked the story which photo they should share. 

It is also good for people who have a craze for posting their photos on their stories rather than on their feeds.

Problems occurring with this feature

Most of the people are dissatisfied with this feature as they say that this new feature is not visible to them on their accounts. Yes, it may be because it’s not available on your account, or maybe the region in which you’re living doesn’t have this new feature yet.

Whenever any new feature is introduced, many issues arise, and the users make many claims. It is because it is a time taking process to resolve the issues in every region.

Another reason you are not viewing this new feature is due to the reason that you are using an outdated version of Instagram. You need to install the new version of Instagram from your play store. It will show all the new features.

Log out of your account and log in again. It will recover if there is any problem. 

You can also contact Instagram’s help Centre to get help and then tell them your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is there a heart on Instagram Story? 

There’s a new feature to like the story on Instagram. The heart icon on the screen of the story is to like the story. When you tap on it, it becomes red, and the story is liked.

Is liking a story flirting?

If someone is linking your story, he appreciates you, and by loving, he’s dragging your attention toward him. Yes, it’s a small form of flirting.

Can you react to Instagram Stories? 

Yes, you react to Instagram Stories. When you are viewing a story and want to react to it or comment on it. There is a heart icon and also a comment option. Do comment and like.

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Instagram introduces new features time by time, which has become a very interesting platform, and users enjoy using it. Now, there is a  new feature to like Stories on Instagram. I have described the whole process of using this feature and the solution to the problem if you’re facing it. Try them. I hope you’ll find this article helpful.


Eli Overbey

Elioverbey is a Hillman professor of information science and human-machine emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University. Elioverbey has a broad interest in design technology and social effects, spanning from computer-based teamwork and computer-assisted collaborative research to human-robot interaction.

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