How to Hide Posts on Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most popular and commonly used social media platforms around the whole globe. It has more than a billion active users. People are interested in using Instagram as it refreshes their minds by offering many exciting things. People upload their photos, videos, and other videos and photos they like on their Instagram story and feed and also see what other people are doing.

But do you know how to hide posts on Instagram without deleting them? In this article, we’ll tell you all that in detail.

How to Hide Posts on Instagram in 2022?

In the updated version of Instagram, there is an option by which you can hide your posts from your friends and followers without even deleting them. It simply means that you are archiving the posts, and the comments and likes will remain and will not be removed.

Archiving the Posts?

If you want to archive your posts in 2022 on Instagram, then you need to follow these following simple steps;

  •         Open the Instagram app.
  •         Then open the post you want to hide from your friends and followers.
  •          You’ll see three dots on the upper right of the post.  Tap on them.
  •         Then, a menu will pop up on your screen.
  •         From that menu, choose the “archive” option.
  •         The photo you’ve selected will then be achieved and will not be visible to your friends or followers on your profile or your feed.

How to View the Collection of Archived Posts?

How to View the Collection of Archived Posts


There is an archive folder on the Instagram app, and all the photos and posts you archive is saved. You can view your archive posts and pictures whenever possible, but it is hidden from your followers. So, if you don’t like any post to show other people and don’t want to delete it, then simply store them in the archive folder.

The following steps will help you view your Archived or Hidden posts;

  •         Open the Instagram app.
  •         In the bottom right corner, there is a profile icon. Tap on it.
  •         Next, you’ll see the menu symbol (three horizontal lines); click on them.
  •         In the menu, there is an option, “archive.” Tap on it.
  •         Then, from the options, select “posts archive.” Here you can easily view all the posts that were hidden and archived.

How to Unarchive a Post?

Is there any method to unarchive the post? Yes, why not? When you archive a post, the comments and likes are not removed. After archiving any post, if you want to make it show to the public again, you can easily unarchive it.

Here is a simple method of how to unarchive a post;

  •         As the method mentioned above, open the Archived posts screen.
  •         Here, you’ll see all the posts that were hidden.
  •         Select from them the post you want to make public again.
  •         There are three dots in the upper right corner of that post. Tap on them.
  •         From the menu list, there is an option, “Show on Profile.” Tap on it. It will unarchive your post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you hide a post from someone on Instagram?

If you want to hide your post from some specific person on Instagram, then you need to set your profile to private. You can select the limited users you want to show your post to. You can also select to hide the post from a specific user on Instagram.

Does Restricting on Instagram hide posts?

If you restrict a user on Instagram, it means that you’re hiding some comments and messages on your posts while the posts are still visible to them. It is quite polite than blocking some specific person. When you block a user, you hide your entire feed and story from him.

Can you post on Instagram without anyone seeing it?

If you post something on Instagram and want not to make it public but to show it only to your friends and followers, then you need to make your account private and show your post to your followers only.

Can we edit photos on Picuki?

Yes, by using, Picuki–the Instagram viewer app, you can edit photos. For this, search your username and click on the “edit” icon at the bottom of every post. Tap on it. There you’ll get an exclusive editor. Make the changes you want and save the change.

Wrap Up!

Here, in this article, we have clearly explained how to Hide or Archive a Post. And for your convenience, we have also described making your post unarchive or show to the public again. I hope you’ll find this content useful if you’ve any queries or want to share your experience, comment below.


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