How to Fix the Instagram Translation Feature if it’s not Working?

Instagram is a very well-known social media platform, and it grabs the attraction of the public on a large scale with its exciting and amazing features. Recently, Instagram’s active users in the world have been billions.

Recently, many Instagram users claim that the “See Translation” button is not visible to them or is not working. They are worried about that. So, in this article, we will tell you why the Translation feature is causing problems and how you can fix this issue.

Instagram has rolled out many exciting and cool features, like Pin posts to profiles, longer reels, etc., that are grabbing and extending the fan family. But due to the launch of many new features and the expansion of in-app services, there are a lot of bugs on Instagram. Instagram also faces many issues like likes, Reels getting stuck, Instagram stories repeating, turning on dark mode on Instagram, etc., that are sometimes due to some issues at Instagram’s IT management.

Most recently, Instagramers pointed out another issue that became a very common and viral issue on Twitter, Reddit, and many other social media platforms. That issue was, “Translation not working properly on Instagram.”

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is working to acknowledge this issue. Let’s discuss this issue here and how to fix this problem.

Instagram’s “See Translation Button” is not Working.

Instragmers are facing issues, and one among them is the “See Translation” button not working properly. On Instagram, there’s a translation button that you can use if you want to translate any text in the captions, bio, comments, posts, stories, videos, or reels so that the users can understand easily. It can translate about 90 different languages, and thus you can translate the text into the language you want and enjoy.

But recently, many users have claimed that this Instagram feature is not working properly. They say that they cannot access this feature and that it’s not translating any text. They say that whenever we try to translate any text and press the “See Translation” button, either the button does not show any response or the app crashes. Even some Instagram users say they are not finding the “see Transpation” button on their app.

This issue is pointed out by not only Android but also iOS users across the world. Twitter, quora, and Reddit are full of users tagging @Instagram and discussing the glitch. But till now, the Instagram IT team or any of its spokespeople has not reported this issue.

Why is Instagram Translation not Working?

The Instagram feature “See Translation” feature is not working. This issue was first reported on Tuesday, 28 June 2022. And till now, many users are reporting this issue, and the social networking platforms (Quora, Reddit, Twitter) are full of such reports.

So, the question arises; Why is this Issue caused, and why is the Instagram see translation button not working?

Apparently, this issue is due to an in-app bug or glitch in Instagram’s latest update. Another reason for facing this issue is that there are over a billion active Instagram users globally, and thus there is an extensive load over the Instagram servers due to such heavy burden and load, there are many issues in the app time by time.

Due to this issue, Instagram cannot detect any language and thus cannot translate the text into the language the users want.

How to FIx Instagram Translation Not Working Issue?

How to FIx Instagram Translation Not Working Issue?

Meta has not acknowledged this issue yet and has not provided any solution to fix this issue; however, we here have, on our own, found out some of the possible fixes that can resolve this issue. These fixes will help you to sort out your problem. Let’s have a look at them;

General Fixes

You must try general fixes on your first attempt to resolve this issue. For this, you can do the following things;

  • Close your Instagram app, clear it from the recently used app, and launch it again.
  • Restart your device by pressing the power button and then open the Instagram app again. See if the issue is fixed.
  • After that, you can also try to log out of your Instagram and log in again.
  • You can also use another device and log into your account from there.
  • You can also try to use another Instagram account and see if there is some problem with that account or not.

Whenever you find any problem with any of Instagram’s features, you must try these initial and general fixes that will greatly help you. If none of these fixes helps you, move on to another solution.

Use Google Translate

If your Instagram feature, the “see translation” button, is not working, then you can try to do a translation from google or any other translation app or website to understand the Instagram text (captions, comments, hashtags) and can reply accordingly. This method is very reliable and accessible to everyone who wants to translate Instagram text urgently.

For this, you need to open the post,s story or profile, which text you want to translate and then copy the text from there. (by tapping and holding on to the text). Then, go to Google Translate and paste your copied text from Instagram. From here, you can select the language in which you want to translate that text and hence can translate in your desired language.

Install an Older Version of Instagram

Some Instagram users have suggested the solution to this problem that when we degrade the Instagram app version, this issue is resolved. If you are an android user, you can easily install an older version of the Instagram app by using a third party.

But for that, choose a very reliable and trustworthy third-party website. Otherwise, there is a risk to your IG account’s safety.

This fix is not for people who use iOS devices, and these devices don’t allow the installation of apps from any third-party apps or websites.

Use Instagram on a PC

The issue “See Translation button not working” is experienced on the Instagram app by the users. Still, Instagram or Meta has not yet acknowledged this issue and has not provided any solution to this. Until the Meta fixes it right, you can try using Instagram on your PC after logging out from your device and then logging in to the Instagram app on your PC.

In this way, while operating Instagram on PC, you can view the “see translation” button, and it will properly, and your issue will be fixed. This fix is very easy. You don’t need to go to a different website to translate the text or using third-party sources.

Wait for Instagram to reveal a Fix Officially.

All the solutions mentioned above are temporary and not long-lasting. These are also frustrating. The permanent solution is only that Meta understands the Issue and fixes this solution. That’s why it’s better to wait for Instagram to respond to this issue and launch or roll out any authentic fix for this problem that will be a permanent and long-lasting solution to the problem.

Till then, we can just wait and watch. The Instagram IT team will probably respond to this issue shortly and resolve it promptly. You also keep looking for an updated version of Instagram on the App Store ( iOS devices) or play store (Android devices). If there’s an update there of the Instagram app, then just update it and become free from these frustrating issues.

Report to Instagram about the Translation Issue

When you view any issue on the Instagram app, you should report it to the Instagram and MEta team so they can work on it and resolve it. So, report the Instagram that the see translation feature is not working on Instagram. For that, all you need to do is share your mobile phone and open the reporting menu.

From the list, tap on “Report a Problem” and then respond to the prompt that pops up on the screen accordingly. In this way, complete the whole process. After that, you can also attract the attention of Instagram and meta on other social networking platforms, including Twitter.

If Instagram responds to this problem and resolves it, we will update you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix translation on Instagram?

If you want to fix the translation on Instagram, follow the steps below;

  • Open the updated version of the Instagram app.
  • Go to the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the three menu line at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the list, tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Account and then click on Language
  • From the options, you can choose the language you want to trans, and that’s it.

Why can’t I see the translation on the Instagram story?

There may be two possibilities,

  • Firstly, the “See Translation” only appears when there is a caption in any other foreign language you cannot comprehend.  This button does not respond if the story is based on song lyrics.
  • Secondly, there may be some problems on your side.

How do you search on Picuki?

If you want to search on Picuki (The Instagram story viewer app), then follow the steps below;

  • Enter your username. It may be your name or the word you want to enter.
  • Click on the View button, or you can also access the Quick search results.
  • Then watch and save photos, videos etc. There you can watch everything anonymously and download anything without letting anyone know.


In this article, we have discussed the See Translation button not working on Instagram, which is why this problem occurs. We have also discussed the general fixes you must follow when you experience any issue with the Instagram features. You can also follow the other solutions, but they are only temporary fixes to this issue. If you want a permanent solution, you need to report to Meta and Instagram so that they can understand the problem and fix it promptly.

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