Gigabyte G1. Sniper A88X Review — is it still Worth the Money in 2022?

With the growing number of brands producing motherboards for your PC setup, it is absolutely critical you choose the fast performing motherboard to get the best of both worlds.

And today we are reviewing one of them. Our today’s motherboard is, if not the best ever, definitely one of the best inventions in the IT field.

You can expect every good thing from this chipset; better gaming, better programming, better editing, and better-whatever you’d like from your PC.

Yep, you already know which chipset I’m talking about. Welcome to my all-inclusive, unbiased gigabyte a88x review.

So let’s just not waste any more time and plunge into its features, its display, and performance. And most important: what other folks recommend; whether you should buy it? Is it worth spending money?

You’re about to discover all in this simple, brief review…So make sure you stick till the end.

G1.Sniper A88X

Features: Chipset AMD A88X|Brand: GIAO|RAM: DDR3|Compatible: AMD|64GBRAM|PCL,PCL-E Graphics

  • Made of high-quality material, durable, firm and stable for us to use
  • Replace the old, broken and damaged ones with this product
  • Motherboards perfectly fit the latest series processors’ computing performance with more features and more control.
  • The photos shown are for reference.
  • Advanced technology to deliver pure data signals for the best gaming performance and stability.

Pros & Cons

  • Nice sleek layout
  • Impressive color scheme
  • Onboard hardware audio solution
  • PCIe 3.0 support
  • Decent price
  • The limited benefit with overclocking
  • Competitors have better APU power to offer

Gigabyte G1.Sniper A88X: Features, Specs, Recommendation

Before we dig deep down I want to clear one thing right off is that this motherboard is like a heaven-piece for gamers. Gigabyte is well known for producing motherboards targeted at Gamers. And G1 series has been famous for this, the previous model such as 35 and M5 they all have been targeted at Gamers. Most of the Gamers are used to the RGB RAM in Motherboard.

Another thing I want to talk about is that the G1. Sniper A88X is for AMD GPU processors. You get PCIe 3.0 support, which means faster speed for gaming and Best Pc for Streaming enthusiasts looking to build a PC in a budget-friendly amount.

Now let’s discuss the rest of the things one by one.

What’s Inside the Box…?

Just like any other random motherboard, you would purchase online, this one also comes shipped in a black box. No fluff or gimmick. The box is filled with pictures and tons of information on its surface, related to the product inside. It’s very useful, especially for novice gamers to learn motherboards’ parts names and features.

However, inside the box lies the real gem. And when you open the box, you’ll be surprised.

You’ll see nothing unnecessary. No useless lousy cables or scrap accessories. You’ll see a board, driver disc, a case sticker, two SATA cables, and an installation guide. Simple as that.

Move on to the next point…


This is a full-size ATX motherboard. You’ll see a beautiful combination of black and green color; black for the whole body, and green for the expansion slots. If you’ve used a G1.Sniper series motherboard before, you already know that black & green combination is the thing of Gigabyte boards from its first-ever product.

It’s a good thing to see they kept their staple.

The surface of the board is clear, simple, and every port and slot is conveniently placed. Although A88X is a full-sized ATX board, it’s a tad bit narrower than a typical ATX board. That may make a little bit easier for you to manage your cables.


A great little heat sink is embedded near the CPU area to cool things down in extreme heat. The four DDR3 slots support the speed up to 2400MHz, and also they support both AMD Memory Profile and Intel XMP profile. Things will get hotter because you’re getting a whole 64GB RAM memory support. With that speed, you can play any game of the world at max settings. Feeling the heat already?

The best part: You’ll enjoy a PCI Express 3.0 support, but you’ve to pair the board with FM2+ Kaveri APU. You’ll get three PCIe slots: One 1X and the other two will be 16X. Apart from that, there are two conventional PCI slots.

And yes, I know, this is the era of PCIe 4.0, and even 5.0 and 6.0. But games still have a long way to go. PCIe is still relevant in 2021, and it is suitable for every game you love.

Apart from that, on the rear side, there are five USB 2.0 ports, two 3.0 ports, PS2 keyboard and mouse ports, VGA, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet port, audio port, and SPDIF control.

So basically, to be honest, there are not too many impressive things to talk about. It’s the same as an ordinary motherboard, with a couple of unique features. Those unique features are discussed below.

There’s Something Unique to G1.Sniper A88X…

As mentioned earlier, because it’s a gamer-centered board, it does a couple of things to improve online gaming performance.

You can use its two dedicated software, cFOsSpeed Internet Accelerator, and Lan Optimizer, to control traffic data. They enhance the network performance, to prevent lags and reduce pings while playing online. They actually give you real-time reports of the traffic data being used, so you can prioritize or customize the bandwidth you need for a specific game.

For audio, you’re getting Realtek ALC898. With 7.1 multichannel audio playbacks, and Gigabytes’ new audio system AMP UP, you’re getting a much better audio ambiance. It boosts up audio, which helps immensely in games, especially in multiplayer combat games where half of the winning depends only on sound analyzing skills.

And the cooling fans in the board are silent and produce better cooling. That way, you can play games and stream for more extended periods.

Final Words: Is G1.Sniper A88X worth the Money?

Yes, it is worth the money as it comes with a few added benefits for gamers that you won’t find in other boards…

However, it will be unfair to say that A88X is absolutely groundbreaking. You can pretty much see the same performance, or get at least an equal-like feel on relatively lower-priced models from other brands.

If you’re looking to build a brand-new PC, and are strictly on a budget, you probably don’t need to invest some extra bucks over it. The lower-priced boards can give you equal-like performance.

But, if money isn’t a big issue, A88X can be your way to go with no regret at the end of the day. The motherboard solves your audio issue and gives you the best ever color schemes. These two factors are the two-in-one soul for any video game, and you’ve it with A88X.

So I hope my Gigabyte G1. Sniper a88x review was helpful for you. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. And stay tuned for more tech reviews, buying guides, and info stuff.

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