Elon Musk Says Next He’ll Buy Cocal Cola

Next I am going to buy Coca-Cola, says Elon after buying Twitter

The world’s richest man is an eccentric chill dude. After buying the staggering $44 billion worth Twitter shares, Musk says ‘Next I am going to buy Coca-Cola to put cocaine back in’. What next started is a chain of ‘pro-Muskians’ raving with the coolest and fun suggestions.

On April 25th, Twitter’s board of directors accepted Musk’s offer, which resulted in a deal of $54.20 per share or $44 billions for the full takeover of the company. As bizarre and out of the blue it might seem, Musk shocked the fans just three days after.

On April 28, Elon Musk Says Next He’ll Buy Cocal Cola he tweets:

‘Next I am going to buy Coca-Cola to put cocaine back in.’

Well, outlandish tweets like this aren’t new from the billionaire. Some even speculate that Musk does this to steal attention and stay in the talks. Seeing the tweet getting viral and getting attention, soon after his tweet, he posted a photo of his own previous tweet where Elon Musk Says Next He’ll Buy Cocal Cola, something similar:

‘Next I am going to buy McDonalds to fix all the ice cream machines.’

And what makes it even more hilarious is that fact that he then replied to this of his own tweet as this:

‘Listen, I can’t do miracles okay.’

Well, only if the ‘What to buy next’ chain could stop right there. Musk’s fans kept retweeting and suggesting what to buy next. Have a look at the most popular ones:

Can you just buy Facebook and delete it?! – Parany Pathole

can you buy fox I want another season of “firefly” – Shibetoshi Nakamoto

Buy Youtube and remove 4000 hrs watchtime rule 😍😍😅😅 – Manoj Dey

Can you buy YouTube? It’s as bad as Twitter. You should buy ESPN and make it about sports again too. Also, buying me a house would be cool too. – Lisa Boothe

Then after that, buy youtube to get back the dislike button – Watcher.Guru

Buy Tiktok and delete it. – Ihtisham ul Haq

There are 711K retweets so far, and even after 9 days, people are still reacting and commenting. While it’s true that the billionaire, Elon Musk, most probably said that as a joke, there were people who got offended and expressed their opinions like this:

‘Well you can’t buy time, Elon. You will die like everyone, and go to your Lord. Life on this planet is way too short.

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Your money, wealth, Tesla, Twitter, and your followers will not buy you even a foot square in Heaven.

So, be good; promote monotheism, freedom, peace, justice!’ – Edip Yüksel

‘Really? Folks were already questioning how you’re using your money but this just proves you have evil ideas. Drugs may be legal in your home country Australia but we banned them here. Learn’ – Ned

‘Next pay the $6 billion you openly promised to the UN to end world hunger.’ – Walter Masterson

‘Jokes about drugs are not funny at all,  quite the opposite… think first about the families of people who suffer addiction. Thank you for the next time you will do it. Respect.’– Sandro Pozzi

Is Elon Musk Really Buying Coca-Cola?

Not really. His ‘Next I am going to buy Coca-Cola…’ viral tweet was clearly a joke. He clearly will not intentionally promote cocaine or drugs. Publishing controversies, and tweets that catch eye-balls, are Elon’s most favorite thing to do, after playing with space rockets.

Besides, Coca-Cola Co’s market cap is 260 billion US dollars. Why would Elon invest such a crazy amount of money in the industry that does not relate to him. Elon is known for electric cars, space rockets, building colonies on Mars, and energy – not for cocaine, soft drinks, or a soda bottle. You can disagree with whatever Elon does or says, but take the viral tweet another silly play by Elon.

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Eli Overbey

Elioverbey is a Hillman professor of information science and human-machine emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University. Elioverbey has a broad interest in design technology and social effects, spanning from computer-based teamwork and computer-assisted collaborative research to human-robot interaction.
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