5 Best Gadgets For Vacation in 2019

Gadgets For Vacation:

Hey, My name is Salman.

Welcome to thecore_itech And today I write this article on the Best Gadgets For Vacation in 2019.

I hope you guys are having a fantastic time. Today I have compiled a list of gadgets. Which I believe is great to start 2019 with so without any further so let’s get this started.

1: Portable Charger

The first thing That we’ve got is, of course, a portable charger and hear me out this one. Cool and it’s great for summertime because this thing is solar powered. So if you’re going to be outdoors and you don’t have anything to plug this into if you need some juice son is all you need baby.

This thing has a solar panel up top, so you don’t have to worry about it running out of juice, and it’s got 15,000 milliamp hours. So you’ll be able to charge your phone someone else’s.

Phone many times over and this thing was made for the outdoors has got a rugged design. It’s also got a flashlight in the back so if you’re out hiking or camping doing.

Whatever, you can go ahead and hit the power button and turn this thing on give yourself a little extra light. So you’re not using up your phone’s battery life, and this thing’s even waterproof, which is nuts take this come to the pool you’ll be alright.

2: Backpack

Backpack especially for vacations or any big trips. That you might have over the summer inside of it, you get a ton of space. So you’ll be able to put clothing in here tech.

Whatever, you need this thing is big enough to hold a lot of stuff, and this thing is tech oriented. It has a built-in USB port so you can plug in a portable charger to this guy similar to, what we just saw you can have those two work together plug it into here and then.

Whenever you’re traveling all I got to connect a USB cable into your backpack and charge your phone without having to dig around and look for a portable charger or anything like that, and it’s less than 40 bucks.

3: Special Lenses For Phone:

This phone case by moment they have these cutouts around the lens. So then you can add special glasses that fit. Whatever, you’re looking for so right here.

We’ve got three Lenz’s this is an 18-millimeter wide-angle lens. You also have a 60-millimeter telephoto lens and a 10-millimeter macro lens. If you want some tight shots and these things work very merely all you do is take off the lens cap here grab your phone case put it in.

And then twist and boom your phone is officially outfitted to take some photos. If, you want to capture your memories in the best way possible while on vacation without carrying a separate camera or crazy DSLR.

4: Power Adapters

Power Adapters for multiple countries all you have to do is the plugin. Whatever you would typically plugin at the top hit this little switch down here and boom this gives you access to the plug. That you would be needing to use in Europe and it also works in other places over here.

You have China and what’s excellent about This is not only done it gives you access to a plug at the top. But you also get three USB ports and even a USB type-c port so if you have one of the newest Mac books or maybe even the latest Android phones or something USB type-c baby it’s necessary.

5: Wonder Balloon

Portable Charger & Bluetooth Speaker. We have the Logitech Ultimate Ears wonder boom now. That is just that’s just an awesome name wonder balloon. It is a cool blue speaker. Because of a few things the one it has excellent audio quality.

It is shocking considering its size, and I was impressing with the audio here and the fact that. It’s so compact and portable you can throw this thing into your backpack with no problem, and it’s excellent. It’s waterproof so if you take this thing by the pool. You guys are hanging out you want to play some music.

If you happen to splash on this guy while you’re in the pool you jumping in you’re not worrying about This thing getting messing up .and it’s only around 50 bucks a little bit more depending on the color that you go for it. But it’s very inexpensive so I love this as an option for vacation because of the performance, and it’s easy to take around.

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